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Achieving Business Results through CMMI

Length:       1 day

Learning Methods:     Lecture and exercises

Location:    Client Site

Includes:    Lecture notes, textbooks, software

Description:  The biggest obstacle to implementing any process improvement effort is getting started.   "Achieving Business Results with CMMI" provides process improvement leaders with the information they need to successfully kickoff their CMMI based improvement effort.  We have compiled lessons learned through our years of software process improvement experience and the experiences of our customers in a course that addresses:

  • how to quickly move to the next maturity level

  • how to minimize the investment and maximize the return

  • how to recognize and avoid common pitfalls associated with process improvement

This course explains how to achieve measurable business results with CMMI. It illustrates how to measure software process performance, how to design a process to meet specific quantitative business goals, and how to measure return on process improvement investment. It provides examples of cost-effective practices in each CMMI process area and explains the mechanisms by which these practices improve the bottom line. It points out common process improvement pitfalls and provides advice on avoiding them and it explains strategies for cost efficient implementation of a CMMI based process improvement initiative.

Tailoring:    Available upon request.  

Who should attend this course:

  • Executives

  • Managers

  • Software Team Leads

  • Software Quality Engineers

  • Systems and Software Engineering Process Group members 

  • Anyone interested in learning about CMMI

Learning objectives:

  • Why is software process improvement important

  • How is the CMMI used in the improvement cycle

  • How to measure process performance

  • How to relate process performance to business goals

  • How to Identify key practices for your organization

  • How to explain the mechanisms by which the key practices contribute to achieving business goals

  • How to design a cost effective process to meet specific business goals

  • How to calculate return on software process improvement investments

  • How to use process improvement to reduce development overhead

  • How to implement a CMMI-based improvement program efficiently and effectively



Software Process

Model Based Process Improvement

Relating Process Performance to Business Goals

  • Process Measurement

  • Process Modeling and Design

  • Measuring ROI

Effective Practices for Meeting Business Goals

  • Project Management

  • Support

  • Engineering

  • Process Management

Efficiently Implementing CMMI based SPI

Accelerating Progress with TSP



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