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Model Based Improvement Cycle

PS&J offers a package of services that address the whole CMMI model based improvement cycle in a methodical and consistent way including:

The cycle can be repeated as often as necessary to meet the organization’s business goals. Although we provide individual elements of the cycle as point services, e.g. the SPI Planning Workshop or an Assessment, we strong recommend the whole package for any clients that are pursuing model-based improvement.

If needed, we can also provide many of your training needs with formal course on the maturity models themselves, software project management, software appraisals, and defect prevention.

Finally, we can help you implement a process measurement framework.  Failure to implement an adequate measurement framework up front is one of the major pitfalls of model based improvement, particularly with the CMM. Even a level 1 organization needs to establish some kind process capability baseline before it gets started with model based improvement. It provides a reference point for measuring the degree of improvement actually accomplished by the process changes.  The process capability baseline is the only way to quantify ROI, and quantifying ROI is a pre-requisite for success over the long haul.  Without measurement, it is impossible to tell if there are real improvements or if the return warrants the cost of the investment. So it is essential to put a basic measurement framework in up front, that can scale up to meet the organization’s needs over time as it progresses up the maturity levels.



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